Quantum physics

Quantum physics

Couple of years ago i was started studying quantum physics which is so complicated according to physicists but now i am seeng that its easier than A,B,C . Now i am talking about consciousness which controls all possibilities included quantum physics. How consciousness works we don’t know because our mind controls everything but it is not our hand as our driver drives without permission of us.

Quantum mechanics will always simple for everyone but our mind complications which says everything is tuff to do.


Intolerant india

Until yesterday morning, my social media feeds were filled with bitter “Intolerant India” posts.

Yesterday afternoon, the same intolerant people, unable to tolerate people suffering due to the floods in Chennai, fill my feeds with posts like:

“I can accommodate 10 people in my house. Here is my address.”
“I can recharge your prepaid mobile phones, PM / DM me”
“I can serve food. My mobile phone number is ___”
“Call me if you need help distributing relief supplies”
“I am a doctor, I can help people who are sick”,
“Call me up if you need a pick up from this area”..

Programmers are writing crowdsourcing software for helping during the crisis, places of worship are opening up to provide shelter and are serving food to those affected, what not?

There was not a word of religion mentioned except in exactly one instance, “The Jain temple has food ready for 5000 people. Please come pick it up” (as a landmark). Where did all the tolerance and intolerance go? That’s the ground reality in the country!

I really don’t mind such an “intolerant” India!!


Human need.

Now days the human needs are increasing day by day but no any alternate to reduce it . We will have to go in depth and should know reason that why it’s happening now. We are blindly follow things and seeing daily lots of negative stuff from mainstream media. 

Is there any solution ? 


We have to re-programme our mind by some positive stuff which should be according to researched not orthodox. I am just want to say good luck humans for your natural lifestyle.



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